A chapter based on my earlier talk at the "Data Driven" conference has been published as part of a collection edited by John W. White and Heather Gilbert titled Laying the Foundation: Digital Humanities in Academic Libraries. The volume is published by Purdue University Press and is available open access thanks to Knowledge Unlatched.

In this chapter I trace the eclipse of a humanist tradition in librarianship and speculate that the historical development of the profession helps explain why "the position of digital humanities work in many academic research libraries—as a service point for specialized consulting or training—suggests that DH is widely seen as external to the core functions of research libraries." I speculate that "incorporating digital humanities into the conceptual equipment and the work practices of more librarians could help to develop a tradition of humanist librarianship suited to our present technological age."

Read "Recovering a Humanist Librarianship through Digital Humanities" (and the other great contributions) via Purdue University Press.